• Rammesh Aluru

Quality 4.0

Quality 4.0 tracks more than 100 best practices for integrity of real-time monitoring of process parameters, line changes and the reasons thereof — providing manufacturers a data-driven, digital approach, to improve decisions, traceability and reporting.

Data acquisition and integration with manufacturing execution systems (MES), analyse measurements, trends and capability indexes for proactive decisions. This has shown to increase yield, reduce scrap, boost productivity and ease compliance.

  • failure analysis to quickly identify the root cause and suggest effective solutions

  • real time measurement of production process to ensure consistent product quality and reduce life cycle costs

  • visible increase in yield by 15-20%

  • reduce quality assessment costs by 22%, while simultaneously reducing Cost of Poor Quality by at least 10%

Less than 15% manufacturers, globally, have connected their disparate data assets, compromising objectivity in decision-making across the organisation. With abundant digital resources available, Quality 4.0 is the key to world-class manufacturing (WCM) for improving global competitiveness.


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