• Rammesh Aluru

Plastic Pallets and IIoT

Wooden pallets consume 4 – 5 billion board feet of lumber, annually, of which 45% is hardwood and the remaining is softwood. Considering the environmental impact of wooden pallets, more businesses are using sustainable and recyclable plastic pallets. Plastic pallets have more strength and are durable to last up to 10 years. Reusable plastic pallets embedded with smart sensors provide actionable insights on inventory and warehouse management.

Smart sensors process higher volume of data compared to the widely used RFID. Using IIoT, these sensor-equipped plastic pallets help, in real time, to:

track location of goods in warehouse

– determine in-transit inventory

measure weight on a pallet

monitor temperature of a pallet

track cleanliness of a pallet

Sensor-embedded pallets are ranked as the most promising and emerging IIoT opportunity in supply chain management. These smart pallets have a lower total cost of ownership with reduced carbon footprint. This is a great opportunity for Indian plastic pallet manufacturers to provide smart supply chain solutions removing bottlenecks and reducing pilferages.


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