• Rammesh Aluru

Machine Vision – for inspections

Our biggest cost is not power, or servers, or people. It is a lack of utilization. It dominates all other costs.” Jeff Bezos

Manufacturers are facing erratic patterns in customer demand, increasing pressures on machine utilization, production efficiencies, and quality control. Machine vision imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis enables manufacturers to answer the call of demand, increasing productivity, and maintaining their competitive advantage as requirements continue to shift.

Machine vision process starts with imaging, followed by automated analysis of the image and extraction of the required information. These solutions have AI/ML capabilities to train and identify defects in products or packaging on the production line. With less data required and faster training, computer vision automates quality inspection processes that were previously not viable — improving inspection rates, decreasing human intervention, and allowing smaller batches to be inspected, catching defects early.

Machine vision is the solution for manufacturers to improve competitiveness during these VUCA times.


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