• Rammesh Aluru

IIoT for Manufacturing Packaging Films

IIoT is core to industrial transformation in packaging film manufacturing, globally. IIoT technologies offer rapid return, increased plant efficiency, customer-centric and new revenue sources.

A traditional packaging manufacturer uses standalone measurements on the shop-floor for making key decisions. Complexities in processes need critical data at various time and levels to make decisions which otherwise, emphasise on experience. Some crucial areas of impact which affect revenue and profitability are:

  • real time material and inventory tracking

  • energy consumption per unit produced, by smart metering

  • higher OEE, by tracking controller data

  • tracking environmental variables, using IoT sensors

  • product cost and planned performances by connecting ERP data

  • asset tracking & condition based maintenance, leveraging AI/ML

  • quality control and assurance through online quality measurement

Cross functional data flow, interconnect between machines, AI/ML algorithms, and IIoT sensors, substantially increase plant productivity and reduce operational cost while simultaneously increasing market share for manufacturers.


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