• Rammesh Aluru

IIoT for Labor Efficiency

Manufacturers, globally, have driven dramatic increases in labor efficiency using IoT labor productivity has increased 4%, which is a three-fold improvement over the past decade’s average annual growth of 0.7% between 2007-18.

  • Labor productivity: IoT gives a new dimension to the time and motion studies. Sensors monitor team behaviors, habits and specific patterns to be improved. Such insights enable synchronising policies to the “natural way of work” rather than forcing against it.

  • Workplace collaboration: Remote access coupled with the ability to control devices give a clear understanding about an individual's work and disseminate critical information proactively for the user to read and respond.

  • Removing non-value adding processes: IoT enabled mobile applications log employee movements and automate cumbersome attendance tracking processes. The doing away of access cards alone improves productivity manifold.

Smart manufacturers leverage IoT, to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industrial landscape with 30% higher net labor productivity compared to traditional manufacturers who shy away from IoT.


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