• Rammesh Aluru

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – on shopfloor and supply chain

BLE beacons are low power wireless IOT devices replacing RFID & barcodes. BLE makes gadgets smarter, compact, and affordable tracking and monitoring outdoors as well as indoor assets.

BLE beacons are widely being used in industrial applications for:

social distancing at workplace: beacons interact with each other to trigger a buzzer when in proximity;

tracking manpower movement on shopfloor, for insights on multi-machine manning and productivity, using beacons embedded in access control cards of operators; the same mechanism is used to control unauthorised access;

tracking connected products and machines with embedded beacons, for operational parameters to ensure safety and increase life-time-value;

improving visibility through supply chain, by monitoring data from beacons embedded in product packaging, for tracking location

Hotspot gateway devices are needed to scan beacons. These gateways are GSM/BLE enabled wireless device on your warehouse floor, yard, or travelling with goods-in-transit can, as well, be a smartphone.

Data collected is organized and analyzed to get actionable insights.


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